If you are looking for the best attar perfume oil then you have come to the right place because we here at Attars Perfume sell only the best selection of alcohol free attar oils and perfume oils, and not only that, when you buy your attar perfume from us, you can be rest assured that the attar oils you will received will not be extremely watered down or diluted like the cheap ones that does'nt last a blink.

We have chosen the most popular attar according to our own research in the internet and let us present you the best three attars in the world:

The Mystical Oudh

The Wild Black Musk
The Green Patchouli

At the moment all our product comes in 3ml bottles with plastic roll-on.  We are giving you 30% discount as an introductory promotion running on until further notice.  Items will be delivered to you by standard international shipping free of charge.  On top of that you will also be getting a complementary  gift of 1ml. selected attar.  

"Trust us, we want give you all the best we could."

For those who are not aware what attar perfumes are? Attar perfume oils are words same as perfume oils or body oils used by people who originate  from the Muslim World . So in a nutshell, attar oil is just a synonym of perfume oil / body oil.  Why not try one today?

The Perfume Maker, by Rodolphe Ernst
The Perfume Maker, by Rodolphe Ernst (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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