Q:Are you a new player in the attars perfume business?
A:Yes, we are quite young in that respect but we have quite an extensive experience selling attars perfume in ebay, this is our new expansion of market reach.

Q:Where do you source your products?
A:Our products come from various countries and we have a group of reliable partners from whom we source our products and they have with many years of experience in the business.

Q:Is your attars perfume consist of only pure concentrated essential oils?
A:No, they are mixtures of various essential oils both natural and synthetic ones but the main base materials are of oudh, black deer musk and patchouli.  It must be reminded that concentrated essential oils alone are too strong to your olfactory and some of them can irritate the skin.

Q:Do you accept payment by credit card?
A:No, at the moment only payment by Paypal is accepted.

Q:How long does it take to deliver?
A: It depends on your location, normally it takes about two weeks to reach you door step if you are living in the USA.  We can arrange for express shipping with additional shipping cost borne by the customers.

Q:Where is the location of your company?
A:We are a Malaysian based company, please use the contact us form for more details.

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